Maintaining Your Pet’s Health During COVID-19

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Not only is it essential to care for yourself during this pandemic, but your pet too! There was a myth going around that pets can catch COVID-19 from their owners, but it was debunked by The World Health Organization (WHO). Even though your pet cannot catch the Coronavirus, it is crucial to maintain their health during this time. By doing this, you are not only protecting yourself and your pet but the veterinarians that would potentially be exposed during your visit. This is an excellent way to do your part. Here are a few ways to maintain your pet’s health during COVID-19!


If you have a pet that needs regular exercise, it’s essential to keep that up even during the quarantine. Most states are allowing pet owner’s to walk their animals outside, as long as they stay at least six feet away from others. If you have a fenced-in area at your home, feel free to let your dog run around in the backyard. If you have larger animals, like horses, they are safe to roam out in the pasture. Even though this virus is airborne, it is doubtful, if not impossible, for your animals to catch it while being outdoors. Exercise is essential for a lot of pets because it allows them to exert energy positively and keep them healthy. If you go outside on a walk, make sure to follow the CDC’s recommend steps here.


Handwashing is something that should be done regardless if you have a pet or not. It is essential to practice excellent handwashing skills anytime you play with your pet, regardless if there is a pandemic or not. As stated before, WHO claims the likelihood of your pet catching COVID-19 from you is slim to none. You should still practice proper sanitation regardless, even if it is just a preventative measure.

Oral Health

This is one of the most significant health issues in some of our pets today. While you are at home, it is smart to maintain an oral routine with your furry friend. Make sure to brush their teeth properly to avoid any dental issues that can arise. Think of their teeth the same as you do ours. Brushing their teeth twice a week is an excellent way to prevent any problems from occurring. For more information on your pet’s oral health, check out another one of our blogs here.

We understand that emergencies happen, and if they do, we are still here for you. Our office has made a few updates amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find those updates on our most recent blog here. We ask if you bring your pet in, that only one person attends with them. This will help cut down on the number of people walking in and out of our facility. Not only will you be protected, but our staff as well. For more information on how to protect your pet during this time, visit us online or call us at (423) 378-4443 today! We are here for you! Stay well.