Safety Tips for Dogs During Winter

 In Pet Care

With its chilly rain and cold air, winter poses several risks for your fur baby. Besides the discomfort brought by the cold, it can cause flaking and itchy skin as well as chapped paws on your furry best friend. The ice-melting chemicals used during winter can also be hazardous, especially when licked off the paws. If you’re wondering what you can do and looking for safety tips for dogs during winter, this post is for you. Below are five safety tips for dog parents to keep their dogs safe during winter.

Minimize time outside

With the extreme cold of winter, you’re advised to keep your furry baby indoors as much as possible. Taking a walk once in a few days will do your dog no harm, but minimizing the time spent outside would help. When going for a walk, you might need to dress your dog in a coat or sweater to keep them from the extreme cold. You should also bring your outdoor pets inside to keep them warm.

Rinse paws thoroughly after a walk

While taking a winter walk, your dog’s paws might pick up substances like salt, de-icers, and antifreeze that are toxic to their health. Therefore, make sure you clean their paws thoroughly as soon as you get home and wipe them with a warm towel.

Keep your pup on the leash.

Some pups can get lost in winter due to storms and snowfall. You don’t want your dog wandering in the ice, risking their health. To ensure their safety, keep your dog leashed all the time to control their movement. It would also help to have a microchip installed on them to monitor their whereabouts.

Clean up spills

If you happen to spill antifreeze or any winter windshield fluid, be sure to clean it up immediately, as most dogs are attracted to the sweet smell of these substances, which can be life-threatening when ingested. You can also cut on ethylene glycol products and use propylene glycol products which are more pet-friendly.

Avoid shaving them

Your pup needs as much warmth as they can get in the winter. Therefore, you’re advised to pause their regular shaving till winter is over as the extra fur offers them insulation against cold.

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