Microchipping: A Lifesaver for Your Pet

 In Animal Microchipping

You love your pet enough to ensure he gets vaccinated regularly to prevent diseases, don’t you? Well, there is one more injection he needs to help keep him safe and that is microchipping. That’s right, a microchip is injected under the skin just like a distemper or rabies vaccine and it doesn’t hurt any more than those lifesavers. Like vaccinating him against diseases, microchipping your pet can also save his life.


Still wondering how much a microchip can help your pet? Read on for six reasons why a microchip is essential.

  1. Animal control officers, animal shelter staff, and veterinarians scan every stray animal right away for a microchip. Having one will ensure your pet is returned to you as quickly as possible.
  2. Even indoor-only cats are sometimes tempted to dart outside, where they can quickly become lost and confused. A microchip can help them beat the odds if they are picked up as a stray cat.
  3. Lost pets sometimes wander for hundreds of miles when trying to find their way back home. That is a lot of shelters to visit when searching for your lost pet!
  4. You may know that your pet is a boxer mix, but the shelter may list her as a Labrador mix. That means you can’t always trust the shelter’s descriptions and will need to visit each shelter in person.
  5. Unlike tags and collars that can go missing, microchips are forever.
  6. If someone steals your pet, her microchip provides legal proof that she’s yours.

It is vital that you register your pet’s microchip number with the appropriate online database. Otherwise, it’s just a meaningless number! The database will contain all of your pet’s vital information, including age, breed, sex, health issues, and, most importantly, contact information. Be sure to update your contact information as needed so that you and your lost pet can be reunited as quickly as possible.


It is truly unfortunate that so many once-beloved pets die alone and afraid for the lack of an implant the size of a grain of rice. Don’t let your pet be one of them — contact us for an appointment to get him microchipped today!